Commercial Air Conditioning Sydney-Guidelines

If you’re one of the many homeowners that doesn’t think you need air conditioner repair or service, think again! Routine air conditioning service can help maintain your system in peak operating condition for maximum efficiency, safety, and life span. Here are just a few of the ways regular A/C repair and maintenance can keep your system working its best.Refrigerant leaks: Many older air conditioners still use Freon as the refrigerant. This is perfectly safe, that is until the air conditioning system develops a leak. Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon and will damage the ozone layer if not handled properly. Routine air conditioner maintenance can turn up minor leaks before they become major problems–both for the performance of your A/C and the safety of the planet–while repairs can be done to fix the problem if a leak has already developed. Professional air conditioning contractors are qualified to safely handle Freon, patch refrigerant leaks, and replace the leaked coolant. So whether you’re due for regular maintenance or you need repairs done, bringing in a pro is the right answer when it comes to dealing with coolant.Gather more details from  Air conditioning installation Sydney.

Dirty evaporator coils: Think a little bit of grit and grime never hurt anything? Well, you might want to reconsider. That’s because dirty evaporator coils prevent effective heat transfer. Essentially, when dust, debris, and other gunk builds up on the surface of your evaporator coils, they can’t generate cold air as efficiently, making your air conditioner run more to achieve the same cool temperature in your home. Regular A/C service and cleaning can help make certain your air conditioning is performing at its most efficient. Your air conditioning contractor has the specialized tools and skill to correctly clean debris and dust off your evaporator coils, getting them completely clean without damaging your cooling system. For the most efficient cooling–and the lowest energy bills–you’ll want to invest in evaporator coil cleaning on at least an annual basis.

Bent condenser fins: Air conditioner condensers are equipped with fins to radiate heat faster and make your A/C work efficiently. If they are bent, these fins aren’t able to work as well. Evaporators also have fins, but because your condenser is located in the exterior part of your A/C, it’s at greater risk of damage. Everything from fallen branches to hail storms and even animals can bend the fins on your condenser. As part of routine air conditioning maintenance, your service company will inspect and straighten any bent condenser fins to ensure your system can work as efficiently as possible. Keep in mind that condenser fins are rather delicate, and they can only be straightened with a special comb tool. For the long-term health of your A/C, it’s probably best to let the pros handle this routine air condition service.

It can be easy to forget about air conditioning service. After all, who doesn’t wish there were more hours in the day to accommodate our busy schedules. But it’s important not to skip your annual service or to skimp on A/C repairs. By bringing a professional air conditioning company out to look at your unit at least once a year, you’ll be able to maintain your air conditioner safely and correctly for optimal performance, longer life, and overall safety.

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