Idaho Falls Botox-Advantages

Botox injections have increased in popularity in recent years for both cosmetic and medical purposes due to the relevantly low cost and effective results. Although the injections are generally safe, there is the potential for adverse side effects that you should be aware of before you make the decision to have it. As you probably are aware, it is a toxin that paralyzes the muscles which is what makes your crows feet and wrinkles seemingly disappear. This compound is used both for cosmetic procedures as well as chronic medial conditions because it is generally a very safe and effective drug. Just as with any other drug, there is the potential for side effects. When used cosmetically to treat the lines between the eyebrows the most common side effect seen in three percent of patients were droopy eyelids and or nausea. Two percent of patients receiving this cosmetic treatment for eyebrow area wrinkles experienced facial pain and/or muscle weakness. One percent of patients experienced tooth problems, high blood pressure or heartburn as a side effect from the procedure. Do you want to learn more? Visit idaho falls botox.

Botox is also used for a wide variety of medical conditions including migraines, headaches and excessive sweating. However when it is used for medical conditions such as these, patients experienced a higher rate of side effects including droopy eyelids (20.8%) and difficulty swallowing (19%). Other commonly seen side effects for patients who underwent the procedure for medical purposes included a higher rate of colds, neck pains, headaches and/or vertical deviation of the eyes. The results from Botox vary by patient and what the drug is used for. Overall when used to treat chronic migraines it last three months. When used to treat excessive underarm sweating it can last four to seven months. For patients undergoing cosmetic injections, the results tend to last from three to six months, with the average effect being about four months.

The cost of injections to treat medical conditions such as migraine and excessive sweating is varies around $400 to $1,000 however insurance will generally pick up the tab when it is used for medical purposes. When it is used to treat cosmetic procedures however, the cost generally falls on the patient. And the average cost for treatments is around $400 for a single treatment area and up $200 to $300 more for multiple treatment areas. To be considered a good candidate for Botox patients need to be in good general health, have no known drug allergies and should not be current drug users since this can increase the risk factors associated with use. Botox is one of the more popular cosmetic procedures available due to the relevant low cost and minor side effects from its usage. Unlike other cosmetic proceduresPsychology Articles, it does not seem to have a client demographic based on age or gender and appeals to a wide spectrum of potential patients who want to erase the obvious signs of aging or treat chronic medical conditions.

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