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There are a couple of ways for detecting a gas leak on an outdoor gas grill. Picture the scene. The warmer weather has finally arrived and your ready to dust off your outdoor gas grill that’s been in your garage through the winter. You can’t wait. You’ve got those steaks marinaded just right and they’re ready to throw on fire. You crank open the valve on the gas tank, but before you even turn the grill knob and press the igniter button, you detect the smell of sulfur in the air. It’s then that you realize you’ve got a leak coming from somewhere. Browse this site listing about  outdoor kitchen grills

Propane and natural gas are both odorless but ethyl Mercaptan is mixed in with these fuels to give them a strong odor in the event that there is a leak. Some often compare the smell of Mercaptan to “rotten eggs”. If this odor is detected for a long period of time, you’ll definitely want to check for the source of the leak.

Normally the problem’s not that serious. Often times, it’s nothing more that a loose fitting between the valve on the hose and the inlet valve on the gas tank. Most often this just requires a small adjustment with a crescent wrench. Here’s an easy way to detect the leaks. Take some dish soap and water and mix them at a 1 to 1 ratio. Open the valve on the gas tank but don’t touch the knobs on the grill yet. Take the soap water mixture and brush it over the hoses and any connections. If you see bubbles anywhere, then this is the source of your leak. Make sure you inspect the hoses and connections for any cracks or areas that have been worn out over time. The grease leaking on the loses can sometimes attract small rodents that will end up chewing into the hose. Unfortunately duct tape won’t fix this one. You’ll need to get the hose replaced which shouldn’t be that expensive.

After that, you’ll want to brush the soapy water over the welds around the propane tank and the supply valve. Make sure you tighten all connections and replace the hoses and connections when they are needed. You’ll want to brush the soapy water over any new hoses you put on just to make sure there are no leaks on new hoses and connections. These are just a couple of tips to for taking care of the gas leak on your outdoor gas grill.


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